Frequently Asked Questions – St. Louis, MO Home Buyers

As home buyers in St. Louis, MO, we have found that many property owners have questions about our process. This compilation is the St. Louis home buyers’ frequently asked questions. We hope you will find the answers to your most pressing questions about our process here.

Will you be listing my St. Louis, MO house on the MLS or actually buying it?

As home buyers, we are often asked if we list the house or if we purchase it. The answer is two-fold. Since we aren’t real estate agents, we don’t list your home for you. Instead, we purchase it from you with cash.

Once we have purchased a property, we will make any necessary repairs. Then we will list the property with a real estate agent for sale. Or we might decide to use the property as a rental investment. Either way, we purchase the home outright from you before any listing is done.

We understand that you may not have the time or the inclination to deal with the traditional real estate process. That’s why we purchase the home, and then we decide from there what the next steps are regarding selling or renting the house.

Do you pay fair prices for properties in St. Louis, MO?

We do our best to offer you a fair price for your property. However, understand that we will not be able to provide you with the full retail value of the home. We are making you a cash offer based on our internal criteria.

You will not incur hidden fees such as an appraisal or closing costs. You often walk away with more money in your pocket than you would have gotten from a traditional sales model. When we make the offer, you can determine whether to accept or reject that offer based on your criteria. Often, we can close on your property within seven days of making an all-cash offer, so the process is much quicker than the traditional real estate transaction.

How do you determine the price for my house in St. Louis, MO?

We have a straightforward process for determining our offer on your house. The first thing we consider is the location of the house. It’s no secret that some areas are worth more money than others, so we make our offers accordingly.

The next consideration is the condition of the house. While we will purchase homes in virtually any condition, the number of repairs required will affect the house’s value. We take on those repairs, so we must consider that cost when we value property.

We also look at the homes in the area that have recently sold to judge comparable prices. We determine what we feel is a fair price for you and us based on these things.

Are there any fees or commissions to work with you to sell my house in St. Louis, MO?

Traditional real estate agents charge you a commission to sell your house for you. Since we aren’t real estate agents, you don’t have to worry about commissions. We are home buyers, so we cover the costs without hidden charges.

There aren’t appraisal or inspection fees upfront. We use our criteria to appraise your property, eliminating those fees. We also cover closing costs.

Our process is straightforward and includes no hidden costs. You aren’t responsible for repairs or cleaning fees either. We handle the repairs needed after purchasing the house from you. Selling your home to us is a simple process that we explain to you when we make an offer.

How are you different from a real estate agent?

Real estate agents list your house to sell on the MLS. They schedule showings and open houses in the hopes that someone will look at the home and decide to make an offer. The process can take varying amounts of time, depending on the housing market in your area at the time.

We don’t list your house. We purchase it directly from you. Since we buy it, you are not subjected to commissions, open houses, seemingly endless showings, or any other trappings of the traditional real estate transaction.

With a traditional real estate transaction, you will likely be required to make repairs before listing the house. You will also have to keep your home clean as there will be showings until it sells. By selling your house to us, you avoid those headaches. We will take on the necessary repairs, and the only foot traffic will be us looking at the property to evaluate it.

Is there any obligation when I submit my info to sell my house in St. Louis, MO?

The first step in our process is the submission of your information. You can use our simple online form to contact us or contact us by phone. Then, we will then schedule an appointment to view your property. Typically, you will receive a cash offer within 24 hours of assessing the property, provided the house meets our criteria.

It’s up to you whether to accept or reject the offer. You are under no obligation to accept the offer presented to you. We will not pressure you to get the sale.

This FAQ for Bird River Properties touches on questions we often get about our process. If you think of other questions you have, please feel free to contact us.

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