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Sell Your My Fast In Velda Village Hills!

Bird River Properties (BRP) Buys Properties in Velda Village Hills And Surrounding Areas And We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Cash Offer Today, Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. We’re ready to purchase your Velda Village Hills property right away, no matter what condition it’s in.

The reason for selling or the condition of your property does not matter. We’d love to take a look at what you have and see if we’re a good fit. If everything checks out, we’d like to make you an offer and close on it as quickly as you want to sell.

Who Else Wants To “Sell My House Fast In Velda Village Hills?”

Selling to a Cash House Buyer

Selling a house through a real estate agent is pretty common but it’s not for everyone. For some folks, it costs too much money and takes too much time to sell through an agent. Yes, you might get a higher price selling on the market (although you might not), people are learning that it’s not always worth the cost or the time.

With an agent, you’ll pay to fix up your house, then you’ll wait months while they try to find a buyer (and you’ll pay bills the whole time), then you’ll pay a commission when it’s all said and done.

All of the Velda Village Hills homeowners who need to sell their houses fast have a different reason. Here are the most frequent situations we run into:

  • Divorce –When a marriage end in divorce, the first thing that normally happens is the dividing of assets. If one partner wants to keep the house, they are required to buy out the other partner’s equity and that can be very hard if they don’t have the cash on hand. That is why lots of folks in this situation reach out to us, to sell their house fast and not have to go through the stressful listing process.
  • Inheriting a Property – When you inherit a house, that also means you inherit any mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and all the other costs that come with homeownership. Sometimes, the folks who inherit houses do not even live in Velda Village Hills let alone Missouri or they don’t have time or funds to renovate the house to get it market-ready. This is when Bird River Properties comes in, we can buy any house in any condition within just 12 business days!
  • Unable to Pay for The Property – We all know how hot and humid it gets in July and August and how cold it gets in January and February. Ameren and Spire are just a couple of the many bills homeowners have to pay every month and during the extreme temperatures we get in Velda Village Hills, those bills can be VERY expensive. When the bills are piling up, some Velda Village Hills homeowners will reach out to us to sell their house cash so they can have a fresh start.
  • Losing a Job – Losing a job can put an insane amount of stress on homeowners. For an individual who loses their job, it can quickly become difficult to keep up with the mortgage, property taxes, utilizes, and all of the other bills we are responsible for. Instead of dumping what’s left of your savings into your house when money is tight, it might be a better option to sell your house from cash so you can keep up with bills until you start your next chapter in life.
  • Price of Repairs Keep Going Up –Properties in Velda Village Hills can be very expensive to maintain, and if bills start to pile up, maintaining your house will be put on the backburner. After a while, the never-ending list of repairs you want to do to your house just gets more and more expensive and you start to dislike your house. That is where Bird River Properties comes in, we can buy the house as-is so you never have to think about those tedious repairs again!
  • Going to a Senior Living Home – When it becomes time to move into the senior living facility, you are going to need all the cash you can get because they are very expensive. The first thing most folks do is look to sell their home so they afford the outrageous monthly payments for their new living situation. Bird River Properties will give you a fair offer and make sure you have the money to cover your senior living costs.
  • No matter what situation you’re in, Bird River Properties will always be there to help sell your house fast in Velda Village Hills!

Buy My House As-Is in Velda Village Hills

Everybody knows how stressful it is when you realize you need to sell your house fast. A normal sale when you list your house on the market, just adds extra stress when you have to show the house to people you don’t know in a minute’s notice. What we do is make that stress disappear. We remove all the complications, and we give you a cash offer from a local Velda Village Hills homebuyer instead. Also, We Buy Ugly Houses Velda Village Hills!

We know that need to sell a house fast in Velda Village Hills isn’t always a great feeling, but we are here to be the light at the end of the tunnel. We are here to support St. Louisans who want to move on and just sell their house quickly, lose the stress, and get some extra cash. Our mission is to help any Velda Village Hills homeowner in need of a fresh start exactly that. If you find yourself Googling “Sell my house fast Velda Village Hills” give us a call today at (314) 207-5288!

Buy my house for cash Velda Village Hills

If you want a quick cash offer on your house, call us at (314) 207-5288. We have bought hundreds of homes in the Velda Village Hills area and we want to buy hundreds more! We care about our neighbors and want to provide a solution for homeowners that want so sell their house for cash as soon as possible!

We buy ugly houses Velda Village Hills

Do you every find yourself asking ‘Who is a reputable homebuyer in Velda Village Hills?” or “What cash buyer in Velda Village Hills will pay the most for my house?”, well we have great news for you! Bird River Properties is one of the leading homebuyers in Velda Village Hills! In the past year, over 100 homeowners have chosen us when selling their home and they always end up with a smile on their face! St. Louisans who are looking to sell their house fast in Velda Village Hills always consider a locally owned business like Bird River Properties when selling a house hast for cash quick and hassle free!

Our goal is to provide a quick, easy, and fair. Unlike those big corporate buyers or iBuyers that buy houses in Velda Village Hills, when you sell your house to us, you don’t have to do anything to make it look nicer. That’s right, no patching holes, no painting, and no cleaning! We will buy any house in Velda Village Hills in any condition fast and for cash. Bird River Properties buys houses as-is and you can always call us at (314) 207-5288 or request an offer above!

If you are looking to sell a house fast, we can set up a date and time for one of our team members to visit your house and make a no-obligation cash offer to purchase your home. An offer from a fellow Velda Village Hills resident, who will cover all closing costs and title fees!

Velda Village Hills’s Top Homebuyer

In the past year, we have purchase over 100 homes, and we always use our own cash when buying so you do not have to worry about financing contingencies that some buyers use. By selling to us, you get to skip the frustrating process of doing a for sale by the owner. Give us a call today so we can schedule an in-person appointment to view your Velda Village Hills house and make you a fair cash offer. Offers that we make will always be firm, as-is, and will not change right before the closing date.

Since we buy houses as-is, you will never have to fix anything in the house or do an in-depth cleaning like you would if you were putting it on the market. At Bird River Properties, we pay for all closing costs and title fees on EVERY house that we purchase, so you will never have any unexpected fees or costs involved with selling to us. We pride ourselves on making all of our transactions easy and stress-free, reach out to us today so we can make you a cash offer for your home!

Local and Trusted Cash Buyers

When selling your house to a cash buyer, would you rather it be a local Velda Village Hills resident who prefers Provel cheese on their pizza along with their toasted ravioli? Or would you rather it be to some big wall street company that doesn’t care about anything but making a buck? Bird River Properties is locally owned and we care about keeping our neighborhoods safe and keeping property values on the rise! When you sell to us, we always make sure it ends up in the hands of good people!

As a local company, we can buy your house quickly, easily, and worry-free! We have been doing this for a long time so we understand the problems that can arise when you are trying to sell your house, so we have created a system that streamlines the process of selling your house. When selling to Bird River Properties, we use our own cash so you don’t have to wait for lender approval, do any repairs, or host the dreaded open house! If this sounds like a good fit for you, fill out the form above!

Pros and Cons to Each of the Top 3 Ways of Selling a House

We’re here to help you make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide for you to help you determine if Bird River Properties might be a fit for your situation.

Selling a house using an agent:

Selling without an agent

Selling using an agent is the most expensive way to sell a house, however, depending on your situation, it might be the way you want to sell. If your house is in great condition, you have no urgency to sell, and you do not want to market and show the property yourself, this might be the best route to take.

Pros: You don’t have to market the property yourself. You also have someone else handling most of the paperwork for you. Additionally, you will usually get close to full market value.

Cons: This process takes longer, (about 3-12 months depending on location and market conditions) and is the most costly way to sell. You should expect to have costs about 10% to 15% after commissions, any buyer concessions, escrow fees, closing costs, and holding costs. (Taxes, insurance, mortgage interest).

Timeline: You should expect to sell the property in about 3 – 12 months, depending on the market.

Selling a house yourself (FSBO):

why isnt my house selling

Selling FSBO takes work and time, but can save you some money. If you’re not in a rush, are familiar with the process of selling real estate, and your house is in great shape this might be a good choice for you. If you’re selling your house to a retail buyer, expect that people will be nitpicky about your house, especially in Velda Village Hills.

Pros: You’ll save money. This is one of the less expensive ways to sell a house and is generally about 3% to 8% cheaper than selling using a real estate agent depending on how long it takes you to sell.

Cons: FSBO’s typically take the longest to sell. You should expect 3 – 12 months depending on your market. Additionally, if you’re not familiar with the real estate process, or not very good with people or marketing, this might not be the best route to take.

Timeline: Expect to sell your house within 3 to 12 months depending on the market.

Selling to a Cash House Buyer:

selling a house fast

If your property is in need of some work, you need to sell quickly, or just want an easy transaction selling to a local home buyer company like BRP is the way to go. Selling to a cash buyer is by far the easiest way to sell a property. Cash buyers are experienced, and can usually close quickly, without inspections and appraisals. Additionally, cash house buyers are not like retail buyers. Retail buyers are pickier and require inspections, appraisals (sometimes 2 appraisals) and more time. Important to note that cash house buyers rarely can pay full market value for your property.

Pros: Selling to a real estate purchasing company can get you a faster close using cash. No waiting on banks. Fewer inspections and no appraisals. No back end fees, and sell “as-is” without putting one penny into fixing the place up.

Cons: Cash house buyers can rarely pay full retail value.

Timeline: Expect a 7 to 30-day close, or really whenever you’d like to close.

Each way of selling has its advantages and drawbacks. The important thing to do is to assess your situation and determine what route is best for you to take.

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If you are looking for a local and trusted Velda Village Hills Cash Buyer, give us a call. You can sell your house as-is with no worries. Stay away from those huge companies that look at you as a number instead of a person. There is a reason that we are the top homebuyer in Velda Village Hills and that is because we grew up here, have roots in the community, and care about you and your neighborhood.

If you need to sell a house fast, contact Bird River Properties for a fair, quick and easy cash offer for you property. Call us at (314) 207-5288 or request an offer at the top of this page. Thank you for viewing our website!

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