Lesser-Known Factors that Can Lead to the Higher DOM of Your St. Louis House

Lesser-Known Factors that Can Lead to the Higher DOM of Your St. Louis House

Are you frustrated that your home has stayed on the MLS for so long? Many common factors make houses in St. Louis remain on the market for longer than usual. Choosing to sell your home to a cash home buyer in St. Louis, MO, can help you close the deal faster. However, knowing the factors that lead to high days on the market will help you take the necessary actions and speed up the sale process.

Your Realtor Is Too Busy

Many people think hiring a busy realtor will help them sell a house quickly in St. Louis, MO. But what can happen is that the realtor may see your house as one of the many projects they are currently working on, and it will not receive all the attention it deserves.

Your Realtor Is a Relative or Friend

If you hire a friend or relative to sell your house, your relationship can get in the way of the property transaction. You may have employed them because of a discount they offered you on the commission. However, it may backfire as they may not put in the necessary effort to sell your house fast.

Your Listing Photos Are Poor Quality.

Many people overlook the significance of good listing photos. Sometimes, the reason for the longer DOM of your house is the poor quality of your listing photos. If you have skipped hiring a professional to take these photos, you may have a tough time marketing your house. Hazy images taken in low light won’t attract much attention.

You Have a Worn-Out Yard Sign

If you have a for-sale sign in front of your house, you must replace it when it gets worn out. A worn-out yard sign indicates that your home has been on the market for a long time without much interest from potential buyers. It devalues your house and can make many people avoid it.

You Have a Corner Lot       

If your house is on a corner lot, potential buyers may lose interest in it because of the traffic. Some people will feel there may be a lack of privacy with streets on two sides. These reasons can contribute to the higher DOM of your house. However, there is nothing you can do about its location, so you can sell it to cash home buyers in St. Louis, MO.  

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