8 Impressive Real Estate Photography Tips to Help Your Home Sell Fast

8 Impressive Real Estate Photography Tips to Help Your Home Sell Fast

Have you been frantically Googling, “How can I sell my house fast in St. Charles, MO?” Selling a home is a long, time-consuming process. However, you can wrap it up quickly by marketing your house well.

The first step to marketing your property online and offline is to get stunning pictures of your home that make it appealing to potential buyers. Check out these beginner real-estate photography tips to capture your home’s best features on camera.

Tip #1: Shoot During the Golden Hour

The golden hour just before sunset is the perfect time to capture your home’s beauty. Taking pictures at this time helps you get those gorgeous sun-kissed photos of your home. Shooting too early in the day or after sunset results in bleached-out lighting for both interior and exterior shots. Before you schedule the photo shoot, check the weather report so that clouds and rain do not ruin the pictures.  

Tip #2: Walk Through Your Home Before the Shoot

Set aside time to walk through your home to decide which features you want to highlight. If you’ve hired professional stagers, check how they have styled each room. Look for clean and uncluttered photos with minimal furniture to make the home lived-in without feeling too empty or cluttered.

Tip #3: Prepare a Shot List

Before you begin the shoot, have a list of photos you plan to get of your home. Here are a few must-have pictures to capture the complete essence of your home:

  • Two to three wide-angled shots of each significant room, including the living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom
  • One to two photos of each bathroom. If your bathroom has a stunning feature like a stand-alone bathtub, you can capture it in a separate close-up shot
  • One photo of utility areas like the garage, laundry room, walk-in closets, and the pantry
  • Two to three shots of the backyard
  • Two to four photos of the exterior of your home highlighting the curb appeal
  • If you have the budget for aerial images, you can shoot a couple of pictures with a drone

Tip #4: Let in the Light

Dark, low-lit rooms do not look good in pictures. Make sure you open the curtains and blinds to allow in the natural light. Overhead lights can make the room look too harsh, so try to shoot with natural light as much as possible. If the natural lighting isn’t sufficient, you can use your flash. However, ensure that you balance your camera’s shutter speed and white balance to get enough light.

Tip #5: Keep the Lighting Consistent

Try to keep the images warm and bright to appeal to buyers. Ensure that the lighting is consistent in all rooms. Varying lights from one shot to another can make it challenging for prospective buyers to get the complete picture of the home.

Tip #6: Highlight the Best Features of the Home

Try to highlight the best features of a room so that you make the property appealing to prospective buyers. Look at the unique selling points of each room. For example, a cozy reading nook or a luxurious walk-in shower can be appealing features for prospective buyers. Focus on these crucial details when you shoot.

Tip #7: Shoot from Multiple Angles

Avoid relying on only one angle when shooting your home. Go for a mix of different shots to choose the best ones later. Try shooting from the doorway of the room or the center. Use wide-angle lenses and fish-eye lenses to mix up the variety of shots. Regardless of the angle, ensure your camera is positioned on a tripod to stabilize the images.

Tip #8: Always Edit

Real estate photography isn’t complete until the raw images go through some editing. Use photo editors like Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to edit your shots perfectly. If you don’t have experience editing, you can hire a freelance photo editor to help you with the job. Adjust distortions and varying light temperatures to make your images look professional and appealing.

If you would rather skip the hassles of preparing for a sale, consider selling your house directly to a top-rated cash home buyer in St. Charles, MO. Cash buyers and real estate investors purchase your home as-is without any repairs, helping you enjoy a quick and hassle-free sale.

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